Christmas activities

What to do at Christmas, how many times have we asked ourselves that and ended up doing the usual board games or bingo. Here are some free ideas for spending the holidays in an alternative way.

Christmas is the most beautiful and magical time of the year. When the month of December begins, one of the thoughts that nags everyone is: what to do at Christmas? We all know, at Christmas time we stay at home with family or friends and there are so many alternatives to spend time with friends during the holidays. After the Christmas Eve dinner or the lunch of December 25th usually we all play together, but in the end we always find ourselves doing the same things, in fact it’s difficult to find something really original and different to have fun together.

We have selectedsome original experiences for you, most of these are generally sold online at a cost ranging from £15 to £30, but in this article we have only selected things to do for Christmas for free.

Christmas treasure hunt, ready to print (interactive).

An activity that groups of friends can enjoy, but also parents and children: the scavenger hunt is a great way to spend the Christmas holiday and keep everyone entertained. To make it as original as possible you can customize it to the situation and the people playing it, adding Christmas details. The more people who participate, the more fun and difficult it will be to win the final prize, consisting for example of sweets or small gifts.

Below you can choose a free, ready-to-print treasure hunt to play wherever you are.

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Group games. Some ideas on what to do at Christmas maybe after dinner or lunch or in a group with lots of friends.

Celebrating Christmas at home can be the perfect opportunity to have fun with games. An idea suitable for families and children or even groups of friends. The possibilities are many, including quizzes and group games that can be played with a Christmas theme. Divided into teams, complete with punishments for those who get it wrong, participants immerse themselves in games that test their skills.

Below is a selection of free group games with which you can pass the time during the Christmas holidays. For each game you can have fun customizing them or finding Christmas themed “punishments”.

The truffle dog

Paper (even newspaper), something that has a strong and recognizable smell (e.g., onion, garlic, gorgonzola, coffee, vinegar, etc…), a team basket or bucket. Paper balls are prepared with something with a very strong smell inside (e.g., onion, garlic, gorgonzola, coffee, vinegar, etc…), a different “smell” is then assigned per team. …

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Create your own time capsule

A container that will be your time capsule (a wooden box, shoe box, or jar) and any object that is meaningful to you that you would like to put in it. What is your time capsule? It is a container prepared to store objects or information intended to be found …

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True stories and false stories

One sheet for each player and a pen. Prepare a piece of paper for each player with a name or word written on it (they must all be different). The players sit in a circle, each receiving one of the slips of paper and not having to show it to …

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The scarecrow

Rags, old clothes, buttons, sticks, plastic bottles, lids, newspapers, pillows, string and old pots or lids. Divide the material you found into groups (by type). Form two or more teams with the players and start the clock: each team will have to build a scary scarecrow with the materials provided. …

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A dangerous letter

Nothing. Players from different teams take turns reading a passage (the same for all teams) without pronouncing a particular letter (e.g. the letter R). The winner is whoever can read the most words without making any mistakes.

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Write the question

Pen and paper. Prepare a series of questions with answers. Instead of addressing the questions to the teams, the animator will say the answers and each team will have to say (by writing it on a sheet of paper) the corresponding question. The exact question is only the one previously …

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Escape room online. Have fun at home for Christmas by solving mysteries never revealed, from the comfort of the couch.

Since a few years ago we have all heard about, at least once, the Escape Rooms, real game experiences to achieve the same goal: get out of the room by collecting clues and solving puzzles and brain teasers. From the real escape room puzzles, which transport you into surreal and fantastic worlds, we have arrived at online escape rooms: virtual escape room games where interactivity and multimedia are the main features. Games in which you need to use your wits to solve the chosen adventure.

Mysteries to solve and the supernatural can become the right ingredients for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Below we have selected some free online escape room experiences.

Discover all the escape room online (6 different adventures)

Auction of memories: download pdf game to play at home to amaze your friends

friends sitting on the sofa

A game to play with friends or family in which everyone auctions off a special item that carries a story or memory. A different way than usual to spend an afternoon or evening at home and to remember special moments, share emotions together and have fun.

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A free, immersive experience to explore the city and discover the secrets that streets, buildings and monuments hide. The secret ingredients? Perspicacity and adrenaline.



Alone or in a team, even remotely, play for free and unravel the mystery by solving online puzzles and brain teasers. Use logic and be careful: clues are hiding everywhere.



A free treasure hunt you can print and play anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. Choose your playing field, place the stage sheets and start the challenge.



Check out our massive archive of free games for schools, scout groups, parishes and animators. Here you can also find games for teens, families and adults to have fun all together.




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