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Activities and games to do at home. Here are some free ideas for an alternative afternoon or evening.

Do you have to spend time indoors and don’t know what to do? Want to play and have fun with your family and kids at home? Need to plan a game night at home with friends? We know how difficult it is to find something really original and different to do at home, that’s why we wanted to find for you so many activities and games to do at home.

We’ve selectedsome really alternative experiences, most of these are generally sold online at a cost ranging from £15 to £30, but in this article we’ve only selected activities and games to do at home that are completely free.

Ready-to-print treasure hunt (interactive).

An activity you can entertain and occupy children and young people at parish summer camps with: treasure hunt is a great way to spend an afternoon all together. To make it as original as possible you can customize it to the situation and the people playing it. The more people who participate, the more fun it will be to win the final prize.

Below you can choose a free, ready-to-print treasure hunt to play wherever you are.

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Fun games to play at home in groups. Some ideas on what to do maybe after a dinner or in a group with family or friends.

Having to spend time at home can be the perfect opportunity for an evening or afternoon of play. An idea suitable for families and children, groups of friends or even couples. The possibilities are many, including quizzes, musical games and group games. Divided into teams, complete with punishments for those who get it wrong, participants immerse themselves in games that test their skills.

Below is a selection of free group games with which you can pass the time at home. For each game you can have fun customizing them or finding themed punishments.

The hanging apple

An apple with a stem and a string for each player. To begin with, you tie the apples to strings of twine by the petiole. The entertainers should hold the apples by the string, at a height of about half a meter from the ground.At the start, players will have …

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Step on the balloon

Balloons. So many players can play at the same time. The field is marked on the ground (size varies depending on the number of participants and space available). Each player tied an inflated balloon to his foot with a string. The game “step on the balloon” consists of popping other …

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Present yourself with imagination

Sheets of paper and a ballpoint pen, pencil or marker. Players arrange themselves in a circle. They are each given a sheet of paper with either an object or an animal indicated (e.g., bell, dog, book, audi car, etc.). Each player must then introduce himself or herself to the others …

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Musical chairs

Lots of chairs and a radio or smartphone to play music. You need as many chairs as there are players minus one. The chairs are arranged in a circle, the players jump around the chairs (without touching them) to the rhythm of the music until suddenly the animator stops the …

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The truffle dog

Paper (even newspaper), something that has a strong and recognizable smell (e.g., onion, garlic, gorgonzola, coffee, vinegar, etc…), a team basket or bucket. Paper balls are prepared with something with a very strong smell inside (e.g., onion, garlic, gorgonzola, coffee, vinegar, etc…), a different “smell” is then assigned per team. …

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One minute

Nothing. The players are sitting in a circle with their eyes closed and in silence. At the animator’s signal, each person mentally counts one minute. When you think it is spent, raise your hand. The player who comes closest to the minute mark.

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Escape room online. Have fun from the comfort of home solving mysteries that have never been revealed.

Since a few years ago we have all heard about, at least once, the Escape Rooms, real game experiences to achieve the same goal: get out of the room by collecting clues and solving puzzles and brain teasers. From the real escape room puzzles, which transport you into surreal and fantastic worlds, we have arrived at online escape rooms: virtual escape room games where interactivity and multimedia are the main features. Games in which you need to use your wits to solve the chosen adventure.

Mysteries to solve and the supernatural, just the right ingredients for an evening or afternoon of home games. Below we have selected some free online escape room experiences.

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Auction of memories: download pdf game to play at home to amaze your friends

friends sitting on the sofa

A game to play with friends or family in which everyone auctions off a special item that carries a story or memory. A different way than usual to spend an afternoon or evening at home and to remember special moments, share emotions together and have fun.

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A free, immersive experience to explore the city and discover the secrets that streets, buildings and monuments hide. The secret ingredients? Perspicacity and adrenaline.



Alone or in a team, even remotely, play for free and unravel the mystery by solving online puzzles and brain teasers. Use logic and be careful: clues are hiding everywhere.



A free treasure hunt you can print and play anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. Choose your playing field, place the stage sheets and start the challenge.



Check out our massive archive of free games for schools, scout groups, parishes and animators. Here you can also find games for teens, families and adults to have fun all together.




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