Graduation party ideas

Some ideas for an original and fun graduation party. Here are lots of things for you to do to make the party memorable.

For a graduation party that is an event to remember, some original ideas to take cues from and be inspired by. Whether it’s yours or you’re planning a friend’s or friend’s, the graduation party is the most anticipated event for every college student. So here you are facing the last pleasant detail, namely the graduation party: what are the best ideas for organizing it?

A nice party with friends and family is that touch of color needed to end a long and tiring cycle of studies on a high note.

Whether you choose a graduation party at home (or if the weather is nice a graduation party in the garden) or whether you want to entertain friends and relatives after a lunch or dinner at a restaurant, we have selected for you many ideas for a truly out-of-the-ordinary graduation party, with which you will entertain all the people present. Many of these ideas are generally sold online at a cost ranging from €15 to €30, but on this page we have chosen only free experiences for you.

Graduation party treasure hunt, ready to print (interactive).

An activity that groups of friends but also parents and relatives can have fun with, the treasure hunt is a great way to spend a graduation party and entertain everyone. To make it as original as possible you can customize it to the situation and the people playing it. The more people who participate, the more fun it will be and the more difficult it will be to win the final prize, consisting, for example, of sweets or small gifts. Translated with (free version)

Below you can choose a free, ready-to-print treasure hunt to play wherever you are.

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Group games with family or many friends. Some ideas for a graduation party at home or in the garden.

Celebrating a graduation can be the perfect opportunity to have fun with friends in the name of play. An idea suitable for families or even groups of friends. The possibilities are many: quizzes, musical games and group games that can make the evening merry. Divided into teams, complete with punishments for those who get it wrong, participants immerse themselves in games that test their skills. Whether it’s a graduation party at home or a graduation party in the garden, fun is guaranteed.

Below is a selection of games for a graduation party at home, all free, that you can pass the time with. For each game you can have fun inventing new details or coming up with personalized “punishments” for each participant.

The wireless phone

Nothing. This is also one of those games that you’ll surely have played at least once in your life. The players all stand in a circle and one of them has to say a sentence of his choice in the other’s ear. The sentence should be said quickly but sounding …

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The game of mime

Nothing. First, you divide into two teams. There is no need for the number to be precisely the same: even if you have an odd number you can still play. At that point, a player chosen by lot from team A is introduced to the opponents from team B. These, …

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Couple affinity

Nothing. First, each player must isolate himself from the others and answer a series of questions on a sheet of paper. The questions can be chosen by you, according to your imagination. We recommend about ten, such as “What’s your favorite dish?” or “What’s the place you’d like to live?” …

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Comic reading

Pen and paper. Have one team’s player read a passage with a mouth full of bread or marshmallows, while the others try to transcribe what it says. The team that transcribes what was said with the fewest mistakes wins.

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Adult truth and dare

An empty bottle. The famous game “adult truth and dare” (which can also be played without alcohol) is universally known, and you’ve probably tried it at least once. Its simplicity and the possibility of playing it anywhere make it an ideal pastime. All you need is to have friends around …

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Alternating choirs

Nothing. The goal is to sing as many songs in chorus as possible, without stopping and without getting the words wrong. When the game begins, the person chosen as the referee actually starts a team, which begins singing a song of its choice. Suddenly, at his or her discretion, the …

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Escape room online. Have fun at a graduation party at home solving mysteries never revealed.

Since a few years ago we have all heard about, at least once, the Escape Rooms, real game experiences to achieve the same goal: get out of the room by collecting clues and solving puzzles and brain teasers. From the real escape room puzzles, which transport you into surreal and fantastic worlds, we have arrived at online escape rooms: virtual escape room games where interactivity and multimedia are the main features. Games in which you need to use your wits to solve the chosen adventure.

Supernatural and mystery can become the right ingredients to have fun during a graduation party at home. Below we have selected some free online escape room experiences.

Discover all the escape room online (6 different adventures)


A free, immersive experience to explore the city and discover the secrets that streets, buildings and monuments hide. The secret ingredients? Perspicacity and adrenaline.



Alone or in a team, even remotely, play for free and unravel the mystery by solving online puzzles and brain teasers. Use logic and be careful: clues are hiding everywhere.



A free treasure hunt you can print and play anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. Choose your playing field, place the stage sheets and start the challenge.



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